SEP 2018 Site Updates

26 September 2018


SEP 26 2018


To address some website issues reported by tekgroup members, here is an update


Main consideration before getting any website update under way was compatibility with older operating systems and browsers.

A lot of search and lots of trials were done before actually deciding if the existing dynamic website operating under a windows server was to be just updated or replaced with one of the newer ready made wordpress websites that offer lots of simplicity


Given the fact that the majority of us mostly use desktop computers with older operating systems and after realizing that wordpress websites offer no compatibility at all with old browsers, have decided to simply upgrade the existing website to a newer version,

There is no mobile version or mobile compatibility ( at least for now and for the immediate future ) except for the landing page which is mobile friendly, however trying to access it with an older browser will give some errors


Please also consider that we emphasize more on the ability to locate any part rather than presenting a fancy front-end


As soon as you enter main website

You will be able to use the following tested working browsers, on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and higher


Microsoft IE8 and newer

Google Chrome Version 49.0 and higher

Firefox  52.4 and Higher

Opera 11.11.2109.0 and Higher


Of course there may be some glitches that were not spotted or are considered very minor, also please do not forget that many website errors can be eliminated by clearing your browser's cache


Top Menu locations have been changed today SEP 26 to prevent menu overlapping and loosing active menu focus


Thank you ALL










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