qservice Tektronix TM Series Test Equipment Recondition


TM 500 - TM5000 Series Plug-Ins



Tektronix TM500 & TM5000 Series test equipment supplied by Qservice

Is in most cases fully reconditioned, actual condition is clearly stated in each description

Below you can see the steps through this Recondition Process




1 - Overall checkout operation and cosmetics

     Notes are kept for every defect noticed, and repair if necessary is carried out


2 - Disassembly

     Complete Disassembly to metal parts and PCBs


3 - PCBs are visually checked for components showing signs of being overheated or leaking

     Electrolytic capacitors and heat damaged components are replaced using original parts if available, or hi quality substitutes    


4 - Thorough cleaning of all PCBs using ultrasonic cleaner

     Cleaning with a low viscosity agent and using the ultrasonic cleaner, cleans the PCB from dust, carbon deposits from age, smoke, and solder remains, the result is a sparkling clean PCB


5 - Thorough cleaning of all cosmetic parts, side-covers, control panels, knobs & buttons

     Old stickers and marks are removed, scratches to front panels or chassis parts that cannot be removed, are clearly stated in the description


6 - Everything is dried using forced air and then in a low temperature oven

     Low pressure forced air is used to dry the PCBs and a low temperature oven is used to bake them for 8 Hours


7 - Reassembly

    Everything goes back to its place, new hardware is used when necessary


8 - Damaged knobs, buttons & dials are checked & replaced if necessary,

    All Dials, Pull tabs, Knobs  & buttons are checked, cracked knobs and dials with erased indications are replaced, in the unlike event that a button or dial cannot be replaced due to parts unavailability, this will be clearly stated in description


9 - Functional test

    Operation Verification, switches and potentiometers are checked, and cleaned or replaced if noisy, in the unlike event a potentiometer or a switch cannot be replaced due to parts unavailability, this will be clearly stated  in description


10 - Performance check as per manufacturer instructions

    Plug-ins will be performance tested as per manufacturer instructions, You can see what is currently available HERE






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