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About Qservice 




Qservice is a company with a strong technical background in the electronics repair field, originally started in the early 1980s, specializing in the repair, and maintenance of sophisticated - state of art then, consumer and professional SONY Audio - Video equipment, as well as Tektronix test equipment repair & recalibration.

Many years ago, a small percentage of our efforts was diverted to a new by that time venture, originally initiated from our own wish to have electronic versions of our  technical manuals and paperwork, we started converting all our paper manuals to PDF files, soon realized that this was a rapidly expanding field , this along with a continuous rising demand for PDF files, rather than paper manuals, led us to purchase better PCs, and  professional graphics scanners, we started scanning documents and manuals for profit, and by the passing years our experience in this field has grown, qservice became a leading technical document converting company, our customers are engineers - technicians and individuals, from all over the world, the key to our tremendous success in this niche  field, was and of course still is, the unsurpassed quality of our converted manuals,






Qservice is very well known by now as one of the few online places dedicated to all those who love and admire high technology electronic equipment of the past decades, those who wish to have their valuable test equipment or consumer electronics equipment, refurbished - restored and maintained  in top working and cosmetic condition

We supply repair parts for test equipment, consumer electronics equipment, however unlike many other online places we do not supply cheap oscilloscope probes, or generic remote controls and satellite antennas, as these items are fast moving and leaving nice profits, qservice supplies everything, from Instruments and expensive instrument spares, down to nuts and bolts, there is no discrimination ever, we supply  the inexpensive as well as the expensive parts,

Our current inventory includes thousands of very hard to find new and used - guaranteed repair parts, and this is rapidly expanding , new parts are added every day.

Electronic parts like special ICs - potentiometers - PCBs - transformers - HV blocks, and Cosmetic parts like knobs - front / rear panels - Hardware, etc,   service add-ons like test leads - adaptors - oscilloscope probes, etc, and original paper service / operating manuals for consumer and professional equipment,





1. Service and operating manuals for Tektronix - HP - Fluke and other obsolete test instruments

2. Mechanical - electronic - and cosmetic replacement parts for test equipment and Sony consumer Electronics

3. Semiconductors analog - digital, current & obsolete for industrial and consumer Electronics

4, Test instrument add-ins, like probes - adaptors - connectors - Teflon cables - Teflon tubing , and many more

5. Obsolete tubes and CRTs

6. Obsolete replacement parts for various 1970-2000  audio - TV - Video - Camera equipment.

7. Free downloads for some popular service information, you can also get full professional advice for serious technical issues.

8. Tektronix test equipment and board repair services, specializing in the very popular 2400 series Oscilloscopes, and TM500 nodular equipment series

9. Sony TV board repair services

10.Sony Camcorder board and mechanism repair services




Our plans are to become the one stop site for vintage electronic parts & components.



Click  here for the compete site index, use the categories index, or you can use our search facility ( simple or advanced ) to search for the part you are looking for, if you need any assistance please use our contact form, we will get back to you as soon as possible.





"Quality & Quick Service"




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About Qservice

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