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Welcome To Qservice Electronics...

This Site is Dedicated to all those who wish to repair or Restore their old Tektronix Test equipment

to a top working and cosmetic condition

Here you will find Original Replacement Parts & Manuals for Tektronix Spectrum Analyzers, Oscilloscopes, TM500 & TM5000 Series Modular Instruments, Active & Passive Probes and other Test equipment manufactured from 1960 up to 2000, Cosmetic Parts, Passive Components, Special Semiconductors, Mechanical Parts, PCBs & Assemblies, and Hardware used in Tektronix test equipment

Categorized by Major Equipment Categories Instrument Alphanumeric Family, instrument Functional category, and spares family, it is very easy even for the inexperienced amateur to locate the needed part by using the drop down menus on top of the page or the Categories menus on the left hand side of the screen and navigate through the desired section,

Alternatively you can Click on the direct links below to major categories

The site Also contains a big inventory for Sony consumer Electronics made from 1970 up till today,

and a  Separate section for CRT LCD & Plasma Television Spares

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Tektronix Test Equipment Spares & Manuals


Original Factory Manuals

PDF Files on CD - Download

Reprinted Service-Operating Manuals



Active & Passive Probes

Probe Accessories, tips, ground clips, attenuator resistors




TM500 & TM5000 Modular Equipment





Spectrum Analyzer Spares

Oscilloscope Spares

TM500 & TM5000 Series Spares

7000 Series Oscilloscopes Spares

Classic Oscilloscope Spares



CRTsstandard,storage, LCDs, Backlight Tubes

ICs, Analog, Digital, Hybrids

Diodes And Transistors

Complete PCBs & Assemblies

Hi Voltage transformers, Multipliers, HV Dividers

Potentiometers, Switches, Connectors, Special Capacitors

Attenuators, Precision Resistors & Resistor networks

Knobs Dials & Cosmetic Parts

Mechanical Parts & Hardware

Capacitors and Special Passive Parts

Cabinet and Cosmetic Parts



HP-Agilent Test Equipment Spares & Manuals

Original Service - Operating Manuals
Reprinted + CD Service - Operating Manuals
Service - Operating Manuals - PDF on CD

Probes And Probe Accessories



Mechanical Parts & Hardware
Capacitors, CRTs, Fans, & Special Passive Parts
Cabinet and Cosmetic Parts
Custom Semiconductors
Complete PCBs & Assemblies
Special parts - Attenuators
Power & HV Transformers, HV Assemblies

Knobs And Dials



Sony Consumer Electronics Spares & Manuals

SONY Original Printed Service & Operating Manuals...

Original Audio Video Accessories...
Sony Genuine Semiconductors...
Audio - Video Laser & Magnetic Heads
Genuine Ribbon Film Connectors
Genuine Audio & Television Speakers
Audio - Video Belts, Idlers, Pinch rollers



Genuine LCD, CRT, Plasma TV & Monitor Repair Parts...
Camera & Camcorder Repair Parts...
Audio Repair Parts...
Car-Audio Repair Parts...
VHS - Hi8 - DV Video Repair Parts...
Betamax Video Repair Parts...
Professional Equipment Repair Parts...
Playstation Repair Parts



Plasma LCD CRT Television Spares


LCD, CRT & Plasma Television Speakers
LCD, CRT & Plasma TV Internal Board Connecting Cables
Motors & Cooling Fans For Consumer Electronics
Optical Parts For CRT, LCD And DLP Projectors
Plasma Television Y-SUS, X-SUS, Buffer Boards
Plasma TV CRT, LCD TV Untested or Known Faulty Boards




CRT Television HV & Inverter Transformers, Triplers, Dividers
CRT LCD And Plasma Television Remote Controls Cables
CRT LCD and Plasma TV Tuners IF Assemblies Modulators
LCD Plasma Television Control Boards
LCD & Plasma Television Main A-V Boards

CRT LCD, Plasma Television Power Supply Boards

CRT LCD, Plasma Television Panels & CRTs

CRT LCD & Plasma Television Various Boards
CRT LCD & Plasma TV Stands, Cabinet and Cosmetic Parts
LCD Television Inverter Boards

Safety Resistors Fuses


All Formats Video Equipment Spares


All Formats Video And Audio Heads, Drum Assemblies

Belts,Rubber Idlers Timing Belts For Video Equipment


Betacam, Betacam SX Format Spares
Betamax Format Spares
VHS VHS-C, S-VHS Format Video Spares

Umatic Format Video Spares

DV, MiniDV, DVCAM, DVCPRO Format Spares

Hi-8, Video8, Digital8 Format Spares





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